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Cost of construction in Bangalore for a Residential building


  It does not matter what type of home you are planning to build, Cost of construction in bangalore varies from Rs 1050.00 to Rs 1350.00 / sq ft purely depending on the finishes of the project like bath fittings, flooring, etc. The budget plays an important role in obtaining the best from your home designs. Therefore, it is very important to estimate the overall construction cost before getting into the actual construction process. Here in Seekan Architects, we help our customers to know about their construction cost in bangalore even before even starting the process. Moreover, once you have fixed the budget, we will provide you different home construction cost plans that fit your pocket. Although, many people think that estimating the cost of building a home something like a mystery, you will be able to break it into different components and estimate it with the help of our experts.


 When you consult our expert team architects, they will provide the construction cost of your overall home by considering various aspects. For instance, you will be able to know about the cost that you have to spend alone for your kitchen or bathrooms.Construction cost in bangalore can be varided for diffrent types of plots like 30 x 40 , 40 x 60, 50 x 80 depending on the demands on fiishes in material. One of the major aspects that affect the cost of construction is the materials. Although, you will be able to find cost effective building materials in the market, most of them may not able to provide the right quality and quantity materials, which can be a threat for the longevity of your home. Therefore, it is very important to use the best quality materials when building or reconstruction your home.


  Residential construction cost in bangalore depends on the style of architecture given by the architects, the house plans, residential building elevations etc plays a key role in construction cost.As we hold good years of experience in the domain, we can help our clients and customers to obtain the best quality materials at a much more affordable price. It does not matter whether you are looking for window materials, flooring materials or roofing materials, you will be able to obtain the best with the help of our company. Apart from the construction materials, we are also helping our customers to obtain the best quality furniture as well as other interior decoration products.


   There are many aspects that play an important role in the budget of your home house construction cost. Some of these important aspects are listed below:

- Features of a home

     Bathroom and kitchen are considered as some of the most expensive areas of a home. The cost of these areas mainly depends on the type of features you are planning to install in it. The size as well as the quality of the materials you install here is also very important to consider when you are estimating the cost.

- Size of Home

    The size of the home is also very important. For instance, if you need a strong home, you may have to build a good foundation by using the best quality materials and hardware. Apart from this, the flooring plans should also be considered.

- Shape of Home

   If you are building a box or rectangular shaped home, it may cost you less. On the other hand, if you want a home with more angles or corners, the cost can increase. Bangalore construction cost depends on the labor and materials you require for obtaining the exact look. Dome shaped homes are also considered as one of the most efficient inexpensive home plans as they tend to cost lesser than other shapes.

- Site Preparation

   A lot of people also spend huge budget on their site preparation process. For instance, if you are building home on a flat site, it may not cost you more. On the other hand, if you have to clear trees, level up the land or haul the dirt, you may have to spend some extra bucks on it.

- Inflation as well as Market Conditions

         Usually the construction cost of home increases around three percent to six percent every   year. Therefore, when you are estimating the construction cost, it is quite imperative to include the inflation into it.

   The cost of construction in Bangalore varies on the needs and requirements the residential construction cost for building a new house / home is Rs 1100 / sq ft - as architects..Apart from these, there are also numerous other factors that plays an important role in the construction cost of your home. However, you do not have to worry, as our experts will help you to know about the overall cost easily. We also have professionals who work on different aspects of your home. Therefore, firstly we will consider your overall budget and make estimation by focusing on various areas.

   Building construction cost in bangalore can be pre estimated once floor plan and elevation is finilized. As a lot of people are finding it pretty hard to estimate the right construction budget, they are taking the assistance of our experts through various sources. Therefore, once you consult our experts, they will provide you different home designs and plans that suits your needs as well as budget. On the other hand, we also help our clients and customers to save their money by constructing energy efficient homes. For instance, you will be able to install solar panels to save energy. This could be even done to your old home. Apart from this, we also help in building rainwater harvesting facilities in the homes. Even though, you will be spending money on these aspects, it can be a great help for your and your home in the future. 

    Incase, if you are looking for an option to know amore about the quality of services we provide for the customers, you will be able to see some of the samples provided by our experts. This will also give you more idea on the finishing of the homes we have built. On the other hand, there is also various cost estimating tools available on the net these days, which can help you to know the actual money you have to spend.House construction cost in bangalore is Rs 1050 to Rs 1250 per square feet.Therefore, once you have the cost, we will provide you numerous designs and styles, from which you can select the best for you. You also have an option to customize the designs and plans we provide for you. For instance, if you are looking for any special feature at your home, we will plan your home according to it. Moreover, our experts also ensure that all these could be done within the budget you have.

   Construction cost per square feet in bangalore is varied from contractor to contractor depending on the way the architects per plan the project. We are also providing various tips and techniques for our customers to save their budget. Therefore, it does not matter what type of home you are planning to build, considering these important aspects is quite imperative.

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